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Dr Strange Instant Old Age Atomiser

Back on sale again in strictly limited quantities and exclusive to Black Artefacts, Dr. Strange Instant Old Age Atomiser does exactly what it says on the tin!

Black Artefacts DSIOAA is the perfect solution to ageing your props, be they paper, card or wood. You simply spray on DSIOAA direct from the aerosol tin supplied and your props are instantly covered in a layer of dust, making them look as though they have been kept in a dark and dusty crypt for many years. Great for ageing paper items because the spray is dry and the ink or printing will not run (unlike using a wet tea bag).

DSIOAA is used by the Black Hart to age items such as the letter in our effect Draculea.

You receive a spray tin of Dr Strange Instant Old Age Atomiser and a set of instructions.

Cost: £19.00 (including p&p UK delivery only)

Sorry - only available for delivery within the UK Letter and envelope aged with Dr Strange Instant Old Age Atomiser