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The Alchemist’s Trunk, is a superb prop for your magical den or to use with a storytelling effect.

All of the items can be stored inside the miniature black wood trunk. It has a gold coloured hasp and inside is a set of removable shelves.

The items that come with it are as follows:

  1. Silk ‘mat’, 5cm x 7cm
  2. Clear glass poison jar with skull & crossbones label, filled with red ‘poison’, 2.3cm
  3. Brown glass ‘poison’ bottle with label, 2.5cm
  4. Crystal Ball on stand, 2cm
  5. Skull, 2cm
  6. Clear glass ‘poison’ jar, filled with white coloured powder, 2cm
  7. Three ‘closed’ leather bound books, 2 - 2.5cm
  8. Three ‘closed’ paper bound books, 2.5cm
  9. One leather bound open book, 2.5cm
  10. Three paper scrolls, tied with ribbon, 2.5cm
  11. Two paper scrolls, 3cm
  12. One paper scroll, 1cm
  13. One paper scroll on wood roller, 2.5cm

All these items are superbly detailed and hand-made. Just look at the detail on the photographs.

 Only have ONE of these, so once again the first person to order gets it. Cost: £35.00 - email for payment details.

Remember, first come first served…

The Alchemist’s Trunk
Sorry - now sold - you have to be quick!