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The Black Hart’s Inner Sanctum
Chelman Marked Tarot Deck Plus manuscript for The Black Hart’s Meet The Reaper

A great double opportunity to buy the now out of production Chelman marked tarot deck along with Meet the Reaper manuscript which was originally released with The Black Hart’s marked deck as Telltale Tarot (which is no longer available).

Meet the Reaper:

This is a story effect where you play out the story with your audience. What basically happens is that there is a stack of tarot cards and your volunteer mixes them up and then splits them into two piles.  They get to choose which pile to use and you use the remaining pile.

You choose one card each, remember its name and then place it face down on the table.  Your volunteer places their remaining cards on top of their chosen card and then you place your remaining cards on top of your chosen card.

The volunteer then picks up their pile and keeping the cards face down mixes them up again.  They then do the same with your pile of cards.

Having done that you now swap piles and choose another card which once more each person places face down on the table.  Now you ask your volunteer to name the first card they choose.  They do so.  Now you ask them to turn over the card that was your second choice.  They do so and find that it was the card that THEY chose at first.  Now you name the card that you first chose and then you turn over the card that your volunteer has just taken out of the deck is actually the one that YOU chose first.

I only have ONE of these Chelman marked tarot decks and to make the offer even more irresistible I am including the manuscript for Meet the Reaper. The Chelman deck has been opened but never used. The price is well worth it for the Chelman deck alone.

Sorry, now sold!