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“Over the years I have never received a Black Hart item that was not above and beyond my expectations, they are treasures to be sure.”


“I feel like I'm preaching to the choir but I'm going to preach anyway. My experiences so far with Keith are second to none. Not only are his effects and utilities great, but Keith is fantastic to deal with. And I don't believe anybody has that sort of guarantee in place - although I have yet to take advantage of it.”

Dave - USA

Review from The Magic Cafe Forum

“I recently made some purchases from and would like to report my experience here. I'm not placing this in the review section as it deals with books, props and customer service, and besides it may be too evil for the general population.

First off the customer service from Keith Hart is outstanding. I had read about this on a number of forums and it was one of the considerations that helped me decide to make a purchase. He is friendly (in a lord of darkness sort of way) and professional and ANSWERS EMAILS!!!! In short he is a pleasure to do business with. Additionally he shipped the order very quickly, I was really surprised just how quickly it arrived, especially considering I'm on the other side of the world.

I purchased his 'Big Black Book' and also 'Box Bizarre'. I thought this would be a good sampling of his wares. Let me assure you that I will DEFINITELY be shopping with Black Artefacts again.

My library is extensive and my bizarre section is impressive. Having said that, Keith's Big Black Book is now one of my two most treasured books.

The Big Black Book is actually a compilation of three of Keith's books. There is so much gold in this book for bizarre performers, for me personally it suits my style perfectly. I could ramble on about it for ever but I wont because I want this post to remain short enough that people will read it. Keith talks about creating atmosphere before the performance even begins and he creates that same atmosphere for the reader before you even get past the index. I'll leave the details of that surprise to the purchasers.

Box Bizarre contains a number of Keith’s bizarre effects all packaged in a beautiful polished wood and brass book box. The quality is first class, as are the effects, props and presentations that lay within.

I cannot recommend Black Artefacts highly enough. I give them 666 out of 13.”

Billy - USA

“Welcome to the bizarre library at Castle Black Hart. Please browse through the shelves, you will find many treasures and secrets therein. All I ask is that you keep the shelves tidy and return the books to whence you found them.” - The Black Hart

Black Artefacts Update List

“You can not go wrong with Black Artefacts effects, always simple, but with the emphasis on the presentation. His books are great too.”

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